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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Want to become Catholic?

God, our Father, created a big and loving family in His Church. Jesus prays that we are one, as He and His father in heaven are one. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we wish to invite you to learn more about our family in faith: a Church filled with beauty, miracles, heroes, history, love and peace. 

St. Mary’s offers a program, flexible to difficult schedules, to begin that journey of faith and investigation. 

Who is this Program For? 

* Baptized Christians (Candidates)—to be welcomed into full communion with the Church
* The unbaptized (Catechumens)—to be fully initiated with baptism.

First Step – Inquiry Period 

Registering for this stage in the process does not mean an individual will definitively decide to become Catholic. The first few weeks allow one to pursue an inquiry into the Catholic faith, followed by graduating levels of commitment, if one so chooses, to enter more fully into the process of initiation (or full communion with the Catholic Church). The process culminates at the Easter Vigil where the Catechumens and Candidates are fully initiated and welcomed into the community of faith. 

When Can I begin? 

RCIA sessions will begin in the fall and conlude at the Easter Vigil in the spring.

We invite you to inquire, search, learn, share, and celebrate with us here at St. Mary’s and become Catholic as well as part of this local Catholic community of faith.  

For more information, or to register for this program, please contact Michael Phillips, the Program Coordinator at or call Mike 847.234.8798.