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Ministers of Care

Ministry to the Sick & Homebound

Ministers of Care are specially trained and commissioned lay people who take Holy Communion to the sick and homebound of St. Mary's. Ministers of Care visit Lake Forest Hospital, local nursing homes, and parishioner’s homes.

Ministers of Care are the living witness that St. Mary's has not forgotten the absent sick, the invisible elderly and unseen sufferers. A Minister of Care is a sign that God is and wants to be with them.

Please let us know if there is someone who is confined to their home and unable to attend Mass with us in our church on Sunday. We would be happy to bring Communion. Just call the parish office at (847) 234-0205 to make arrangements.

We are in need of more Ministers of Care. If you think God is calling you to this ministry, please contact Lore Nugent, our Pastoral Associate at (847) 234-9860