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Most people are called to the vocation of marriage. Through the Sacrament of Matrimony, God gives special graces to help married couples with life's difficulties, especially to help them raise their children as loving followers of Christ.

Marriage always involves three parties: the bride, the groom and God. When two Christians receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, God is with them, witnessing and blessing their marriage covenant. For Catholics, God does this through the priest or deacon who presides at the wedding as the Church's witness.

A sacramental marriage is permanent; only death can break it. This holy union is a living symbol of the unbreakable relationship between Christ and his Church. It is celebrating faithfulness and fidelity with God at the center of a couple's marriage!


Arrangements for the celebration of marriage must be made at least six months in advance. We urge you to contact our Parish Center before making arrangements with reception halls and other wedding vendors to ensure that your desired date is available in the church. Preparation includes participation in a pre-marriage program held locally or through the Archdiocese. All initial arrangements are to be made with a priest. Please call the Parish Center at (847) 234-0205 to speak with one of our priests.

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