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Food Drives


Groceries contributed help stock the Food Pantry at the Holy Family Food Pantry in Waukegan.  Families use the Pantry to supplement their own pantries in times of need. Please choose single or small sizes, not bulk sizes. Donate healthy foods you would serve at home, foods high in fiber and protein, low in salt, sugar and fat. Please check expiration date. You can also consider making a monetary donation to the Food Pantry.

Click below to view the shopping list. Donations can be dropped off after Mass the during Food Drive weekends at the parking lot entrance of the Upper Grade Center (Watch for Signs!). Parish volunteers will drive donations to the Food Pantry following the noon Mass. Assistance is always welcome to load the food into vans and deliver it to Waukegan.

Please contact the Mens Club if you would like to get involved!

Thank you for supporting the food pantry!

Requested Food Items PDF