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October 18, 2019


Dear Parishioners,


            I am writing today to thank all of the parishioners that took the time to complete the ME25 survey earlier this month. The survey responses are being tabulated and scored in order to help myself and parish leadership with Strategic Planning and goal setting in the coming months. I will be sharing this information with the parish in the bulletin as well as through social media outlets.

             Your participation in the ME25 survey will help me and parish leadership as we continue to address the three goals of the Renew My Church program of the Archdiocese calling people in every parish in Lake and Cook counties to 1) “make disciples”, 2) “build community” and to 3) ”inspire witness”.

May the efforts of our community to make disciples, build community and inspire witness be known in the homes and hearts of all parishioners of the Church of St. Mary.        

God bless you!


Fr. Mike Nacius







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